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Certain risk factors have not been identified. Adiposis, being female, and idiopathic angioedema have been suggested (2). The mechanism behind ACE inhibitor induced angioedema is unknown. Studies indicate that increased tissue concentrations of bradykinin, substance P, and prostaglandins are of importance. An immunoglobulin-mediated genesis is less probable (3, 4).

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 In order to attain the required quality in a dependable manner, a Quality Assurance system is needed. This is an ample concept that embraces various departments and demands participation and commitment by all personnel. This system must be documented in all its aspects and it will be necessary to verify its efficiency.

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 Dersom lys (A) fortsetter med å lyse (ikke blinke), er det oppstått en feiltilstand. Denne ledsages av en alarmbipper. For å slukke bipperen skal knapp 1 og 2 trykkes samtidig. Feilkoden vises i kontrollpanelvinduet. Alle feilkodene er oppført nedenfor med definisjoner.

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 Side effects reported with an incidence of less than 1% and equal to those of the placebo group in controlled studies have also been reported in rare instances during post marketing surveillance. These include tiredness, sleeplessness, nervousness and sleep disturbances or morbid dreams. In rare cases, rash, urticaria, pruritus and hypersensitivity reactions with manifestations such as angio-oedema, chest constriction, dyspnoea, erythema and systemic anaphylaxis may also occur.

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 Ettersom en av de mest alminnelige bendelormene i hunder og katter (Dipylidium caninum) overføres av lopper og har en svært kort manifesteringstid, er det viktig med loppekontroll for å redusere forekomsten av bendelorm og muligheten for gjeninfeksjon.

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 In the frequency spectrum of our signal, a filter of 0.5Hz will provoke a discrete amplitude attenuation of the first harmonic, but, primarily and most importantly, will cause phase shifts up to the fifth or sixth harmonic.

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 This is the main screen, which appears on starting the user program. It allows the user to supervise and intervene in the evolution of the work session or any other task assigned to the analyser. It displays the state of the analyser and of the work session in progress, with direct access to current results and alarms.

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